"A confident and relaxed performer with very good tonal and dynamic awareness, and a killer blues player." - Giorgio Serci

"Angus is undoubtedly our go-to for session guitar players. His rig, his fluency / technical control over his instrument and his ability to contribute creatively when appropriate make him a valuable asset in any session."  - Larkhill Studios

"Beautiful melodic licks on an awesome telecaster... love it." - Peter Honore

"Angus has shown himself to be a natural and talented guitarist. He played for my show at Half Moon Putney and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only can Angus compliment a variety of musical situations, but he brings energy and accuracy to every performance."  - Tilly Valentine

"The lead guitarist stood out, he kept the show interesting. He nailed that mountaintop solo, and had riffs and progressions that never felt strained or false. For us he was the star of what could've been a boring 25 minutes." - New Human Zine

"Angus is one of the most versatile musicians I've met, with a wide-range repertoire from straight-up rock to jazz influences that are executed incredibly well. Understanding every aspect of the guitar, Angus will go to great lengths to achieve the perfect tone for you, having a great technical knowledge. He's a true professional and a great collaborator, whether you're songwriting, playing live, or in the studio." - Alex Hollingsworth

"Great user of very melodic ideas with all chords minded and motific development." - Pete Roth

"Working with Angus has been fantastic and very easy. He is always prepared, professional and brings a unique element to the stage and studio environment. His proficient guitar playing and performance skills bring out his well versed musicality and his ability to create the perfect timbres for each musical application is second to none. Would highly recommend for any gig! "
- Giles Stelfox

"Angus is a very talented, professional and versatile musician. He has great enthusiasm and is extremely reliable. I was recommended to contact him when in need of a dep guitarist - he learned my repertoire extremely accurately and very quickly, whilst adding and suggesting ways to make my arrangements even stronger. I would highly recommend him for any opportunity." - Victoria Bass